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Snapchat, Learning Styles and the Jewish Classroom

A conversation that offers a glimpse into educators’ varying views regarding imagery in the classroom.  JETSApp is a Whatsapp group that’s comprised of Jewish educators from around the world who discuss and share ideas about how to use technology in the... read more

Shutafut Students Explore Jerusalem Reunification

The Jewish world is preparing to celebrate Jerusalem’s 50th anniversary of reunification. The partnership students of JETS’ Shutafut program join in the festivities through an EdTech exploration of 50 years of reunification via shared projects and... read more

PenPals and Purim

JETS Shutafut partnership schools penpalled Purim by sending their partner schools hashtags, memes, linoboards and more. Assignments included directions to Discuss Esther’s dilemma with her Jewish identity. Wish your friends a “happy purim”... read more

“Are We Using Our Tablets Today?”

This summer JETS offered its No Teacher Left Behind course to teachers in Northern New Jersey through the Federation’s Kulanu program. Read about the impact that JETS No Teacher Left Behind course has had on Jewish educational institutions in this area. Are We... read more

Heroes of the Holocaust

Rays of humanity, altruism, and faith broke through the darkness of the Holocaust. In this powerful course, students encounter heroes of the Holocaust – Jews who persevered in the face of degradation and death, and non-Jews who risked their lives and families to... read more

Justice after the Holocaust

As the last of the Holocaust perpetrators die out, one wonders whether justice was served. This course examines how Israel, Jewish organizations, and the international community have pursued justice after the Holocaust, and the lessons that have been learned.... read more

My City

Vancouver Hebrew Acadamy and Uziel Elementary School in Kiryat Shmoneh introduced their partnership communities to their home communities, online, using social posters. The students were invited to post images along with descriptions in their native language or in the... read more

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