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Join us on a cyber tour of Israel and meet Israel’s technological trail blazers, discover its religiously diverse population, cheer on its athletes, negotiate for its peace, and enjoy its film in its cinemas. This class will use cutting edge computer technology to bring Israel’s landscape, people, and culture to life.


All Sessions will use internet apps and computer technology to bring the material to life.

drip agricultureEcology: Did we make the desert bloom or bring it gloom?   

We will explore the causes of underground fires in Israel’s Hula valley and the draining of the malaria infested Jezreel valley of the 1920’s. Through this we will touch upon the heroic work of Israel’s chalutzim and the migration patters of the amazing bird species over Israel. We will go on a virtual safari at the wildlife preserves on the Carmel and at Yotvata and simulate Israel’s nation campaign to save the nations Wild flowers.We will explore Israel’s water crisis, its effect upon security issues with Israel’s neighbors, and its resent resolution through desalinization projects. We will take a cyber-drive along Israel’s superhighway Route 6 asking if the environmental damage was with the convenience. Finally we will drop into a dangerous Dead Sea sink hole to explore how the damming of the Kinneret up north effects the ecology all the way down south.

machpalahReligion: Freedom of Religion in Israel 

We will travel in a virtual time machine to see all the buildings that have stood on the Temple mount: First Temple, The Second Temple, and The Al Aksa Mosque. We will watch IDF commandoes take the Temple Mount in 1967 and Moshe Dayan turn the area over to the Jordanian Waqf. We will sneak in to the secret deliberations of the Jewish underground who sought to blow up the Al Aksa Mosque in the 1980s. We will meet the Women of the Wall group, watch one of their monthly Rosh Chodesh Services and debate the legitimacy of their aspirations. We will look at a few of the ancient synagogues discovered in Israel at TziporiKefar Nachum, and Massada and then at some modern synagogues like The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem and the Tunisian Synagogue in Akko. On a online tour of the Carmel we will explore the diverse religious minorities of this mountain, meeting including the Druze and Carmelite Monks on Mt. Carmel, the universalistic Bahai and the moderate Ahmadian Moslems in Haifa. 

President George W. Bush, center, discusses the Middle East peace process with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, left, and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas in Aqaba, Jordan, Wednesday, June 4, 2003. WHITE HOUSE PHOTO BY PAUL MORSE

War and Peace: Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?  

We will trace the steps of Israel’s soldiers as they fight for independence in 1948 and liberate the West Bank in 1967. We will debate what Israel should do with conquered land and imagine standing on the white house law and the Camp David retreat as we relive the signing of peace treaties between Israel, EgyptJordan and the Palestinians.

 start up nationScience and Technology: How does such a small country innovate so much? 

We will visit the Weitzman Institute and learn all about Chaim Weizman’s scientific and diplomatic contributions. We will sore in the Space Shuttle with Ilan Ramon, touching upon his career as an IDF pilot and his mission to blow up the nuclear reactor in Iraq and his tragic death in the shuttle’s crash. We will join a unit that is protecting southern Israel with the Iron Dome antimissile defense system and learn about how it was created. We will journey into the human body with an Israeli designed mini camera. We will follow the rise of Israeli politician Naftali Bennet on the back of his computer security start up.

windsurfingRock Stars Movies Stars and Allstars: How did Israel get Olympic Medals Windsurfing? 

We will cheer on Sacramento King player Omri Caspi. We will celebrate Gal Fridman’s Olympic Gold medal in windsurfing. We will jam with international pop star Noa (Achinoam Nini). We’ll watch Maccabbee Tel Aviv’s Historic win of the European Cup in 1977 and understand the importance of the star player Tal Brodie’s exclamation, “We are on the map.” We will trace Natalie Portman’s career from Star Wars through her recent film production of Amos Oz’s classic memoir.

 filmA Tale of Love and Darkness.   Israel in Film and Israeli Film and Television: Do they make Felafel Flavored Pop Corn?

We will cozy up to the Silver screen and laugh out loud at the zany antics of the North African immigrant Salach Shabati. We will sit on the edge of our seats as we watch the liberation of Israeli captives in Entebbe in the classic Operation Thunderbolt.  We will pay a cinematic visit to Yad VaShem’s Garden of the righteous gentiles in the closing scenes ofSchindler’s list. We will peek into the life of an Israeli Arab through the lens of the popular sitcom Arab Labor. 

Cost: $150 for a 1-time session. Please contact JETS to find out about discounts for multi session orders

JETS educators will work with your school or institution to adapt the session so that it meets the needs of your students

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