School Partnership Program



A fun way for students in Israel and the Diaspora to bond with new friends across the sea

Enable your students to build relationships with their peers across the ocean while learning about important educational topics.

To see more about how it works, see our video presentation.



New Jersey

New York

Richmond, Virginia

Detroit, Michigan

Number of Students

Number of Schools

Educational Goals

Build a stronger sense of the students' personal Jewish identity and group consciousness.

Enhance the connection and sense of responsibility to the global Jewish community

Develop a deeper understanding of current issues facing Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel.

Clarify values relating to issues and challenges facing the world Jewish community.

Maximize the Experience

  • success
    Curriculum Design and Development
  • Teacher Training
  • Student Orientation
  • Maintaining and Monitoring the Online Student Communication Forum
  • Ongoing Feedback for Teachers

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