JETS Shutafut – Educational Goals

Cognitive Goals

Students will learn about the history and dynamics of the world Jewish community.

Students will gain insights into their personal roots and the origins of their local Jewish community.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of current issues facing Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel.

Language Development; Diaspora students will increase facility with Hebrew and Israeli students will increase their facility with English.

Note for goal #4: The level to which this goal is achieved is dependent on the language levels of the participating schools. The fact that the textbook exists in both Hebrew and English and that the computer platform allows for communication in both languages allows for students to participate in their native language or in their second language. Students participating in their native language will expand their knowledge of key phrases and concepts in their second language, while students using their second language will have an excellent opportunity for enhancing authentic language comprehension and expression.

Affective Goals

Students will gain a stronger sense of their personal Jewish identity and of Jewish group consciousness.

Students will feel a stronger connection and sense of responsibility to the Global Jewish community – Diaspora students to the State of Israel and its people, and Israeli students to the Diaspora Jewish community.

Students will clarify values relating to issues and challenges facing the world Jewish community.

Technology Goals

Students will expand their learning community by means of social networking.

Students will experience the use of internet as a source for information and data relating to Jewish Studies.

Students and the school community will see a paradigm for the use of technology to enhance Jewish studies.

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