Live Online PD - January

  • No Teacher Left Behind

    8-session webinar:  Sundays Jan 21st - March 11th  2:00 - 3:15 PM EST This course is a must know for all Jewish educators looking to incorporate quality edtech into their Jewish curriculum and classroom.  
  • Values through the Chagim

      January 31st 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST Discover how to combine universal values into your classes about holidays, such as leadership, looking after the environment, courage and more, in innovative and thought provoking ways.


Asynchronous Curriculum


On Demand PD

  • 3-D Judaism

    3-D Halachah

    On Demand Imagine your students creating halachic models of eruvin and sukkot right on their computers. In this 3-session course, you will learn how to utilize 3-D design tools in your classroom so that your students will be able to visualize, create, and better understand these important Jewish concepts.
  • Aleph Bet of a Flipped Jewish Classroom

    On Demand Expand your learning space beyond the classroom by creating a dynamic, interactive virtual learning environment for your students. This lesson will enable to flip your classroom successfully.
  • Assistive Technology for the Struggling Student

    On-Demand Discover the EdTech tools that can help you face the challenge of educating your students with special needs. Whether you teach in a special education class or mainstream, this 3 session on demand course will teach you the what and the how of using assistive technologies in your classroom.
  • Driving the Jewish Classroom with Google Drive

    On Demand The best collaborative tools on the internet. Google apps for education is a must know for all educators. Watch this two session course and learn the best and most effective ways for implementing Google into your classroom.
  • Edtech gemara

    EdTech Gemara

    On Demand Teach Gemara skills with modern technology! Your students are using all the latest technology outside of the classroom, why not bring that into your classroom. Make the gemara real and relevant for your students with this 2-session course.
  • Flipping through Mishna in the Flipped Classroom

    On Demand Trying to flip your mishna class? This is a great lesson that introduces you to edtech tools you can use to successfully flip your classroom.
  • Ji Tap: Gaming for the Jewish Classroom

    On Demand A tool that’s a real game changer! Ji Tap may be the most engaging and fun game that teachers can implement in the classroom for serious learning. Teachers can create their own games or use one from a library of thousands of games produced by educators like you.
  • Leading with Creativity

    On Demand Using lessons and themes relating to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, learn how to use student creativity as the starting point for propelling meaningful learning.  
  • No Teacher Left Behind

    On Demand Familiarize yourself with online tools, skills, and methodologies that will empower you to utilize online tools to maximize learning in your classrooms. This extensive 8-week course will take you through a variety of tools and methodologies for using technology in the classroom. The best course on Jewish EdTech!
  • chanukah online

    Poh Vesham: In the Footsteps of the Maccabees

    On Demand Let your Chanuka lesson come alive! Use online tools to follow the footsteps of the Maccabees. Watch how history repeats itself, when the battles of Joshua, Judah Maccabee, and the modern State of Israel converge on the same battlefield.
  • Tablets to Tablets – Ivrit

    On Demand Overcome some of the natural challenges you may be facing teaching Hebrew. This 3-session course introduces you to tools such as voice and video recording tools that can be used in Hebrew instruction, as well as the methodologies that they support.
  • Tablets to Tablets – Tanach

    On Demand Learn how to bridge ancient texts with modern edtech tools. In this 3-part on-demand series, you will learn the online tools and methodologies that can deepen the thinking and increase enjoyment in the learning of Tanach.
  • Tu B’Shvat Tech

    On Demand Participants will walk away with an innovative lesson plan, and the tools and methodologies to bring Tu B’Shvat to life in their classrooms.
  • youngsters

    Tykes and Tech

    On Demand Early Childhood educators do have EdTech options! Watch this webinar and see how technology can make your job easier. Discover user friendly web tools that will enhance your communication with parents, your collaboration with colleagues, and your educational interaction with your tots and their parents.

Distance Learning Courses

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