Some of Our Favourite Resources

edtech            A Concise Guide to School Decision-Makers ebook

how to create social posters             Free JETS Tutorials  

godcast  G-dCast  Videos, apps and interactive experiences for everyone

jewish news       Jewish News One  information about  for and pertaining to Jews

General Israel Resources

israel21   Source of diverse and reliable news and information about 21st century Israel

idf             Israel Defense Forces

israel foreign ministry        Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry

jerusalem U         JerusalemU  Information that is designed to trengthen connection of young Jews to Judaism and Israel
hatanach        Tanakh online by Herzog (Hebrew and English) articles, commentary, videos and for each parsha

toldot yisrael         Toldot Yisrael  recordings of firsthand testimonies of founders of the  State of Israel.

Tanach Resources

al-hatorah           Al HaTorah Mikraot Gedolot for Chumash   Type in any work in the Chumash text and an overlay opens with all of the appearances of the word. 

parsha-discussion         Alex Israel: The Parsha Discussion  Points of discussion about each week’s Parsha

tanach             Tanach  for thematic analyses of tanach with sources and leading questions. Applicable to higher level students 

tanach profiles            Tanakh Profiles – Like אישי התנ”ך online: description of every person mentioned in Tanakh

hebrew books        Hebrew Books  Jewish books that can be downloaded

sefaria     Sefaria  Tanach and parshanut, Toshba, online, in Hebrew, Hebrew-English, or all English

mikranet        Mikranet scholarly articles on topics in teaching Tanakh. Scholarly approach

daat      Da’At  Mikraot Gedolot

onyourway            OnYourWay  apple app if the Hebrew is backward read the help for solution

snofei     Snopi     on-line Concordance

machon        Machon Mamre on-line Concordance

early jewish writings                 Early Jewish Writings  Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Philo, Josephus

altorah       AlTorah   tools, techniques, and technology to make Torah come alive

Ivrit Resources

dah bear     Dah Bear  vocabulary and games for grades 1 – 3

snait       Snait Ben Herut  Rich selection of worksheets on a variety of subjects 

jteach      JTeach  articles, videos, curriculum and more for all things Jewish

yesodi  Yesodi  Holiday stories, articles, activities

hachtava     Hachtava  self-practice Hebrew writing tool

learn in motion     Tiny Tap  ipad app to create games to learn vocabulary, grammar etc

jewish interactive    Jewish Interactive iPad app Jewish Holidays, Torah, Hebrew, Israel

hebrew basic writing           Hebrew Basic Writing  Hebrew letters

purpose games     Purpose Games   Hebrew letters recognition

gambabo                 Gambabo  Blending Hebrew Letters

eteacher      eTeacher Hebrew Playlist  online hebrew lessons

IsraelIsOnIt IsraelIsOnIt  Israel as a Start Up

1    Zafonet  EdTech tools, resources, curricular suggestions for Israel, Hebrew language and Arabic

tanachcomics                Tanach Comics Tanach sources in Hebrew, via comics

jewish interactive              Jewish Interactive Studios (JI Studios) Creating Jewish Interactive Content

jewish interactive             Jewish Interactive Tap (JITap) Jewish educational apps

talmud            Animated Talmud Gemara Academy  Talmud in animation

gemarrah academy              Gemarrah Academy   Interactive Gemarrah learning

Favourite Tools & Apps for the Classroom

Social Posters


buncee         Buncee  Dragging and dropping multi-media on cavas. Great for visual learners, digital storytelling, flipped classrooms

wizer me      interactive worksheets, posters

GAFE          GAFE Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a core suite of productivity applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions for FREE

  • gmail      Gmail — email program
  • drive     Drive — store files, save email attachments and back-up photos directly to Drive
  • calendar      Calendar — Time-management web application and mobile app.  Users can modify, add, and drag-and-drop events, share events with other people who have been shared to the same calendar, set reminders for events.
  • vault    Vault —  add-on for Google Apps that lets you retain, archive, search, and export your organization’s email and chat messages
  • docs   Docs —  create and edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • spreadsheets     Spreadsheets —
  • slides    Slides — PPT presentations
  • sites2   Sites — create websites for free
  • hangouts    Hangouts Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free

notability      Notability   Combining handwriting, photos and typing to bring projects to life

socrative Socrative — Teacher and student apps — Common Core app, State Core Standard apps and NGSS Science apps.

educreations  Educreations Interactive whiteboard

keynoteKeynote — Apple app for creating cinematic presentations

lino    Linoboardonline web canvas

adobe voice  Adobe voice — create animated videos or visual stories

educanon    Educanon interactive question types and rich media into a video’s timeline Explaineverything — interactive whiteboard

memrise  Memrise — Using images and science to make learning easy and fun

imovie   iMovie — Apple app that lets you organize all your clips and turn them into films

quizlet   QuizletCreate flash cards and quizzes

adobe slate   Adobe Slate  — words and pictures to create a story

sonicpics  SonicPics — digital storytelling tool

plickers  Plickers — collecting assessment data

kahoot   Kahoot  free game-based learning platform

zaption   Zaption  Video tools and video lessons; create your own

nearpod   Nearpod   interactive lessons & assessments

booker  Bookmaker  take pictures and make videos

screencastify  Screencastify  Record videos directly in Chrome

autodesk Autodesk Creating 3D imagery for the classroom

mindomoMindomo Mind-mapping tool. Easy and intuitive

Favourite Resources for General EdTech Information

common sense educationCommon Sense Education  professional development series which focuses on the need for using EdTech to improve education with Blooms Taxonomy, SAMR model, 4 C’s of 21st century learning

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