As part of its vision of effective professional development, JETS has inaugurated an online Jewish EdTech Support Center that will be available for free to all teachers who are interested in incorporating educational technology meaningfully in their instruction. The JETS approach to PD was outlined in a recent article by Smadar Goldstein entitled “EdTech Training: Up, Up, and Away” that was published by the Jewish Funders Network and appeared on the eJewish Philanthropy site ( on June 27, 2017.

The Jewish EdTech Support Center addresses two critical elements of effective professional development identified in educational literature: 1) the need for sustained follow-up to professional development training programs; and 2) the adaptation of varied practices promoted in professional development training programs to specific content and contexts relevant to the practitioner.

The support center includes:

  • Tutorials related to real questions frequently asked by teachers in the field who are utilizing educational technology in a Jewish education context.
  • A broad annotated collection of online learning tools with some tips for adapting them to Jewish studies content.
  • An active professional community (JETSapp) in which participants share their EdTech knowledge and experience.
  • A shared resources repository in which teachers in the field share on-line learning materials that they have created for their own teaching.
  • Updated information about additional Jewish EdTech PD opportunities.


JETS partner Stan Peerless believes that “the Jewish EdTech Support Center will play a significant role in promoting excellence in Jewish education through the appropriate use of educational technology and the methodologies that they support.”

The Jewish EdTech Support Center can be accessed at:

tanach and edtech

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