Professional Development Opportunities

JETS Professional Development Opportunities

Empowering Innovation in Jewish Education

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The development of the internet and social networking in the 21st century has changed the way in which students learn, and potentially the way in which teachers teach. JETS offers a range of user-friendly professional development opportunities to empower teachers to utilize online learning technologies to enhance student learning.

Have It Your Way !!

Now you can access JETS PD programs in three different formats:

Online Live Webinars: Learn together with educators from other communities in one-off webinars, 3 session mini-courses, or our “No Teacher Left Behind” course. Check out or upcoming events.

Asynchronous PD Programs: Learn where you want, when you want, and at your own pace using the JETS interactive Learning Management System. All PD courses are facilitated by a JETS staff member, and all participants are entitled to 30 minutes of skype consultation time with a JETS EdTech expert. Check out our course selection.

School-Based Professional Development Programs: Offer your staff the best in EdTech professional development that is custom made to meet the needs of your school. Through live online seminars and face-to-face workshops, the JETS staff can provide hands-on learning on a variety of topics.  Check out possible topics or contact JETS to discuss a customized program for your school.

I was most impressed with your presentation.
Dr. Howard DietcherHebrew University Melton Center Department of Education

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