EdTech by Design for School Leaders


Dates: November 28, December 5 and 12

Time: 1:00 PM EST

Each participant receives a copy of Edtech by Design: A Concise Guide for School Leaders

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There is no question that educational technology has the potential to transform the way that teachers teach and students learn, Yet, in many schools, after investing significantly in computer hardware and software, little has changed. In this session, Smadar Goldstein, a noted expert in the use of technology in Jewish education, will help participants develop a cogent approach to EdTech use and planning in their institutions.

Smadar, together with Rabbi Stanley Peerless, co-authored EdTech by Designan ebook that offers a blueprint for school leaders who want to increase the effectiveness of Edtech in their institutions. In this online series, she will guide participants through the planning and implementation process. Smadar will clarify the potential of EdTech to impact student learning by demonstrating the “six categories of interactivity” identified in the book. This perspective is designed to help participants set institutional goals that should then drive their EdTech programs. The latter part of the series will focus on developing an adequate infrastructure to support the school goals, including a coherent approach to professional development, easy access to requisite devices, proper support personnel, and sufficient band-width to support internet use.

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Smadar Goldstein is recognized as one of the most dynamic and successful online educators in the world of Jewish education. After serving as a classroom teacher in the US, she moved to Israel in 1998, where she made the transition from classroom instruction to online instruction. In 2009, Smadar founded JETS, Jerusalem Ed Tech Solutions, an online provider of synchronous and asynchronous courses, professional development programs on incorporating technology in Jewish studies and Hebrew language classrooms, and school partnership programs.  JETS has recently collaborated with Hebrew at the Center on creating blended learning paradigms for teaching Hebrew using online tools and resources. Smadar has provided professional development, both online and face-to-face, to over 1000 teachers in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Holland, and Israel.



Amy Amiel, Samis Foundation

I wanted to let you know that we will be using your e-book as a text for our cohort of technology integration specialists this year! I am so excited to use it and pleased that we have a guide with Jewish content to supplement the largely secular tech integration work we promote.”

David Carpenter, Educational Technologist with Alexandria Country Day School in Alexandria, VA, the Washington International School in Washington, DC, and the Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax County, VA

“Peerless and Goldstein summarize current EdTech best practices by sharing “six categories of interactivity” that paint the picture of what active and connected learning looks like. Central to their approach is a focus on instructional practices. They emphasize that EdTech is much more than just looking at technology, it is about designing learning activities that stretch students to engage their higher level thinking skills. Peerless and Goldstein warn about taking a “technocentric” approach to using technology in our schools, where too much focus is on hardware and software instead of curriculum design and professional development…..Peerless and Goldstein provide the wisdom of experience to summarize what really works, looking at the power of collaboration not only for students but also for teachers. Smart use of EdTech is about making connections, collaborating and creating in order to further learning in one’s community ….a framework for effectively using technology to truly enhance teaching and learning.” 

tanach and edtech

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