EdTech and Special Needs: So Many Tools – So Little Time


3-Session Webinar

Dates: November 8, 13, 20

Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM EST




Rationale: With the influx and bombardment of EdTech tools available to all students, how does one determine if an EdTech tool will meet the students’ needs, especially students of Special Education?


  1. Understand and implement the processes of identifying the efficacy of an EdTech tool as it relates to your goals
  2. Demonstrate how the EdTech tool meets your goals and students’ needs
  3. Explore resources of EdTech tools to help students of Special Education.


  • Identify EdTech tools
  • Determine what types of students edtech tool can assist
  • Implement process of assessing effectiveness of tool
  • Demonstrate tools


Ariel Margolis

ariel margolis 2

Ariel Margolis joined Hebrew College in 2014 as Director of Makor, Director of Online Learning and Adjunct Lecturer in special education at the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education. Ariel is also the Director of Student Support and is known in the Jewish day school teaching community for his commitment to innovative educational models and leveraging technology to help students engage with STEM and Judaic curriculum.

Prior to joining Hebrew College, Ariel worked at Kehillah Schechter Academy for 15 years, where he served as a math, science and Tanakh teacher; middle-school principal; teacher coach; and instructional technology coach. He is also an edtech consultant to several companies world-wide. A good friend of Ariel’s, Sieva Kozinsky (CEO of Studysoup), described online learning as ‘flattening the walls of the classroom.’ Ariel turned Sieva’s description into his philosophy of teaching online. Ariel believes that with the use of Schoology (Learning Management System for Hebrew College), third party apps, and a dedication to both individualized and personalized instruction, online learning has become a boundless classroom of idea sharing and collaboration and has redefined learning.

tanach and edtech

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