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We want to continue the program indefinitely. It is so valuable. We don’t need a parent demo anymore — some of our students are younger siblings of previous online students and all of the parents and students know about it now and look forward to it. 
Rabbi Shelley KnaizPrincipal Temple Emanuel of Pascack Valley

Hayinu Kecholmim

Incorporate an innovative curriculum on Zionism into your classroom. Deep discussions, intriguing questions and thought-out activities help your students develop a personal understanding and connection to Zionism.

Israel @ 70

Travel through time and experience the battles, challenges, and highlights of the first 70 years of the modern State of Israel.

Israel in 6

Encounter Israel’s technological trail blazers, its religiously diverse population, and its unique culture. Cutting edge computer technology brings Israel’s landscape, people, and culture to life.


Remembering and Rebuilding

Analyze how the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel transformed contemporary Jewish History. Students focus on the importance and purpose of memorilizing the Holocaust as we build for the future.

Letters from a Holocaust Refugee

After fleeing Germany in 1933, Rudi Schwab desperately tries to convince his family to escape before it would be too late. Students struggle with the dillemmas of a Jewish family facing a frightening changing reality.

Hebrew Language

Fun and exciting, this course uses videos and online activities to teach students how to read, write and speak Hebrew.

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