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Tips for what teachers want to know

Are there any discussion tools that do not require a log-in?

Discussion Tools are a great way to create a collaborative classroom. They allow all students to participate, even the shy ones! Often though, these discussion tools require a log-in which can be frustrating for students.  We have found that TodaysMeet is a great tool that allows for student discussion without the need for signing in. TodaysMeet doesn’t allow for replies or threads, so for more involved discussions that don’t require the login, you can create a blog using a blogging site like WordPress.com and set it so that those who wish to comment do not need to sign in.



What easy to use tool allows my students to work together on a project?

There’s nothing like Google Slides. Easy to access, easy to share, easy to use, Google slides allows for all your students to create a beautiful and engaging slideshow together. They can even comment on each others slide and create a conversation. Here is a sample to watch how we’ve used it.

Looking for a new and interesting assessment tool, but not a game!

Educators are always looking for ways to assess their student’s achievement. But boring worksheets do not engage nor motivate. Wizer.me is a phenomenal website that is free and allows for many different type of exciting assessments. Wizer has a number of features, such as allowing teachers to share “worksheets” and they are constantly looking to add more options and have great support. Check it out!

How can I create a engaging online learning activity for Jewish History?

We really like Thinglink as a way for students to explore and learn through different media. You can create entire learning sessions, collating information in an interesting way for the students. Check out our sample.

Where can I found great resources on Internet Safety?

Internet safety or “e-safety” is an extremely important topic to discuss with your students. An educator using technology in class can bring up and create a safe discussion in the classroom. Here are two good sites that have resources on the topic: SWGfl and CommonSenseMedia.

Whats a tool that I can use to help increase fluency in the classroom?

Combining practice via recording with an easy assessment method can help students gain better language skills. Here is a sample that we created which uses Clyp.it and Google Forms to create an effective method that you can use in your classroom.

What is a simple but good quality screen recording tool?

Screen recording is a great way to flip the classroom. Have the students watch your lesson at home and guide them with activities in the classroom. We have found that Screencastify is a great free tool. Go ahead and try it.

How do I use an online bulletin board effectively for my Chumash class?

We love bulletin boards. They allow for the use of different media, collaboration, peer-to-peer responses and for the entire class to join in. You can use this for instruction or for assessment. To use it effectively, there should be images, videos on the bulletin board for students to look at. The question needs to be a higher order thinking question that allows for multiple responses. Check out our sample here using Linoit.


A sophisticated, versatile recording tool that creates lessons that includes video, images and sound.

Read our Tip on the best way to use the tool


Assess students using images, videos, alternative types of questions. Wizer includes many options for creating fun and interesting worksheets that get sent directly to the teacher.

Read our Tip on the best way to use the tool

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