Frequently Asked Questions for Shutafut Programs

What grades can participate in Shutafut programs?

hod hasharon and buffalo meet-up father brought donutsJets  has conducted school partnership programs for grades 5-10. Of course, the curriculum is modified to meet the needs of the particular grade level.

In what language do the students communicate?

edtech4This is dependent on the language levels and goals of the participating schools. Some schools want students to communicate in their second language, and use their second language class as the venue for the shutafut program, while others prefer that the students write in their native language. This leads to several possibilities. In some partnerships, the Israelis write in English and the Diaspora students in Hebrew. In some, the Israeli students write in Hebrew and the Diaspora students write in English, and the teachers help translate for their students. A third possibility is that the schools choose a common language – either both schools communicate in Hebrew, or both schools communicate in English.

What technology do we need for this program?

headsetThe shutafut platform can be accessed on a personal computer with an internet connection. Each student or pair of students should have access to a computer or tablet. Some schools conduct shutafut activities in a computer room, while others conduct them in the classroom using devices provided by the school or the students own devices. Students should be encouraged to participate in shutafut discussions beyond school time using their own devices.

Time Committment

Shutafut is offered as either

  • a year-long program
  • a two-month program.

Some schools provide special classtime for the students to work on Shutafut-related projects.  and other schools incorporate the Shutafut activities into their language or social studies periods.

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