Frequently Asked Questions for Professional Development

What do participants gain from JETS PD courses and webinars?

edtechNo matter what the particular content area under discussion, participants walk away with:

  • new insights into how to integrate EdTech into Jewish studies
  • familiarity with user friendly online learning tools and the methodologies that they support
  • hands-on experience in using the online tools
  • application of online tools to the participants’ own curricula and classrooms

Many participants in JETS PD programs have been pleasantly surprised with the fact  that they were able to immediately implement  in their classroom instruction the tech skills, online tools, and instructional methodologies that they had learned.

How much EdTech background do participants need?

edtech2Most JETS PD sessions are appropriate for individuals at the beginner-intermediate level of Ed Tech usage. Some familiarity with Google Docs and Spreadsheets are a bonus, but no real knowledge of EdTech tools is required. A confident attitude is much more important! Someone is who is not afraid to try new things and be excited about learning in a collaborative and supportive environment will thrive.

What if I sign up for a course, but can’t make every session?

edtech3All sessions will be recorded and available to registered participants for viewing after the live webinar.

If I teach in Hebrew, will I be able to use the online tools?

edtech4All Tools presented in these sessions are supported for Hebrew and English languages.

What technology do participants need for live webinars?
  • headsetheadset or ear-buds preferred
  • web camera (optional but preferred)
  • high speed internet

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