The Power of E-Learning.

Harness the power of online learning for your curriculum.

Reach Anyone. Anywhere.

Let Jerusalem Ed Tech Solutions, experts in online learning, turn your onsite, frontal lectures and presentations into an online experience.

Whether you are a museum, training program, school or any other educational institution, we can customize the curriculum to fit your goals and aims.

We use free and easy to use online tools to enhance your educational resources, to create an engaging, dynamic and interactive curriculum for your visitors, participants and students.

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How It Works

Many sites let you upload a lecture for anyone to watch and listen. But education goes beyond the passive mode. Real education involves thinking, doing, and dialogue. Find out how to present your educational course as an authentic online learning experience.

Let us take your idea to the world!


Here at JETS, we are first and foremost educators. With experience spanning two or three decades, we approach each project first from an educational perspective, in order to create the highest quality of scholastic excellence. The customized curriculum is then transformed into an online platform, using the JETS team’s extensive knowledge of effective online EdTech tools and through a firm understanding of online learning.

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