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Contemporary Judaism

A series of courses related to modern topics such as medical ethics, the civil rights movement, Tikkun Olam and much more.

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Classical Jewish Texts

JETS offers core curriculum and enrichment classes in classical Biblical and Rabbinic texts, tailor made to the needs of your school’s curriculum.

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JETS offers the Hip Hop Hebraics class to enhance your students’ Hebrew speaking skills

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Raiders of the Lost Menorah

Students trace the history of Jerusalem through the eyes of the Menorah (candelabrum), among the oldest symbols of Judaism. Its tale encompasses three millennia, beginning in the Temple in ancient Jerusalem and concluding at the Knesset in modern Jerusalem. The... read more

Holocaust Letters

 If you were a Jew in Germany in 1933 when Hitler came to power, how would you have reacted?  What was life like for the Jews who remained in Germany during the period before World War II?  Why did many Jews who were able to leave remain in Germany until it was too... read more
Thank you for framing the rest of the sefer for us in the most perfect of ways. We can’t wait for the next session!
S.B.Navi teacherHebrew Academy of Montreal

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