Community-Based EdTech Incubators


Programming Options


Community-Based Conferences On-Site


Program Component Options:

  • JETS Workshops:
  1. Crash Course in EdTech (General Introduction)
  2. Curriculum Specific (ex. Hebrew Language Instruction, Classical Texts, Jewish Values)
  3. Methodology Specific (ex. Collaborative Learning, Project Based Learning)
  4. EdTech by Design – Program for School Leaders
  • Jewish Interactive JiTap Training
  • Individual Consultations

Pricing Options:

  • Community Sponsored: Cost per Day: $2500 (including travel and ground costs) – No cost to participating schools
  • Community Hosted: Community provides the venue and promotion, participating schools pay $120 per participant per half-day session

Community-Based Conferences On-Line and Blended

  • Community Sponsored Courses – Courses designed specifically for community teachers, funded by community agencies:

Maximum Number of Participants per Course: 15

Cost per session: $400

  • Community Sponsored Leadership Cohort – A year long program to identify and train EdTech teacher leaders who can inspire their colleagues. Includes on-line webinars, site visits, and mentoring.

App. Cost – $12,000 for 10 participants

  • Community Supported Participation:
  1. Community subsidy or funding for participation of community teachers in existing JETS and Jewish Interactive courses. Pricing at 20% off of list price.
  2. Community subsidy or funding for School-Based PD programs (can be on-line or on-site) – Custom made programs to meet the specific needs of participating schools.


On-line webinars – $350/session

On-site seminars – $1800/day plus travel and ground costs


Community Sponsored Product

Community subsidy or funding for schools to use Ji Tap:

                   Cost: Ji Tap Product License – $2000 per school






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