Snapchat, Learning Styles and the Jewish Classroom

A conversation that offers a glimpse into educators’ varying views regarding imagery in the classroom.  JETSApp is a Whatsapp group that’s comprised of Jewish educators from around the world who discuss and share ideas about how to use technology in the... read more

My City

Vancouver Hebrew Acadamy and Uziel Elementary School in Kiryat Shmoneh introduced their partnership communities to their home communities, online, using social posters. The students were invited to post images along with descriptions in their native language or in the... read more

History in an Envelope

A compelling educational program that personalizes the events of the Holocaust through primary source materials that explore the experiences of a 1930s German-Jewsh family . Over the last 70 years, educators have struggled with the question of how the Holocaust should... read more

A Virtual Trip to the Maccabia

The Shutafut program that twins students in Edmonton and Emek HaHula students went on a virtual exploration of the Maccabia sports event which is held every 4 years for Jewish athletes from around the world. Using web tools and their online Learning Management System... read more

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