The Month of Cheshvan is not Bitter Anymore

The Jewish month of Cheshvan is traditionally known as “Mar Cheshvan”, the “Bitter Cheshvan”, because it has been bereft of Jewish special occasions. This is no longer so. The Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd falls on the 29 th of Cheshvan. Sigd is a holiday that... read more

My Innovation is Bigger than Your Innovation

By Ari Kellerman I consider myself to be a fairly growth-oriented high school teacher. I enjoy conferences that open new possibilities in my classroom, I subscribe (secretly) to several educational magazines, and I am in several teacher Whatsapp groups that keep fresh... read more

Preparing for the “Post-Survivor” Era

Preparing for the “Post-Survivor” Era An innovative online Holocaust education program aims to involve students in the daily lives of one family that experienced the holocaust in different ways.    In an article entitled “Using Testimony in Holocaust Education”, Shira... read more

Snapchat, Learning Styles and the Jewish Classroom

A conversation that offers a glimpse into educators’ varying views regarding imagery in the classroom.  JETSApp is a Whatsapp group that’s comprised of Jewish educators from around the world who discuss and share ideas about how to use technology in the... read more

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