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Now you can take your senior residents on periodic virtual trips to Israel to experience the rich 3000 year old history, the fascinating pluralistic cultural, and ever-changing current events of this young and small country that’s serves as a center for three major religions. All you need is a laptop computer and a computer projector and with two clicks on the mouse, your residents will be connected to Israel for an interesting and interactive session.

Cost: $150 for a 1-time session. Please contact JETS to find out about discounts for multi session orders

JETS educators will work with your  institution to adapt the session so that it meets the needs of your participants.

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“Hot Off the Press” – Current Events from Jerusalem

current eventsBy comparing newspaper articles and online media clips regarding current events in Israel, participants are able to critically analyze important events that effect the Middle east and the world Jewish community.  (Can be given 1-3 times per year)

The Israeli Tapestry

yemenite jewJews from Many Lands: Having been dispersed throughout the world for over 2000 years, Jews have reunited in modern Israel from 80 countries, bringing with them their adopted cultures. This series explores the cultures of Jews from varied lands, such as Yemen, Ethiopia, India, and others. (Can be given as a one-off session or as multiple sessions)

Fascinating Israeli Architecture

bauhaus architecture

You can tell a lot about a society by its architecture. This session provides an overview of the architecture of Israel, including its development throughout the previous century of settlement and growth.

Seeing Israel Through Art

artContemporary Israeli art is as dynamic, diverse, complex and introspective as ever. This session explores the evolution of Israeli art from a passion to define Israel’s national identity to a discipline of self-expression, and the meaning of these changes in relation to Israeli society and culture.

Israel Cuisine?

foodIsrael has a young culinary style which encompasses foods from all over the world — with a few special twists. This session explores the region’s food traditions as they have evolved from ancient times until today, and the way that Israeli agriculture influences Israeli foods.

War and Peace in Israeli Popular Music


Israel is faced with many dilemmas regarding its relations with its Arab neighbors. These dilemmas and emotions are often explored by Israelis on the left, right and center of the dialogue through their music. This session examines the sentiments of Israelis on all sides of the political spectrum through their music.

Unique Celebrations of Holidays in Israel

  Throughout the world Jews celebrate the Jewish holidays as religious expressions of faith and  succotnationhood. In Israel the holidays also express different cultural and agricultural elements. This course reviews some of these different modes of celebration. (sessions available for Succot, Chanukah, Passover, and Shavuot)

Start Up Nation

startup-nationIsrael has become known as the “Start Up Nation” due to the large number of innovations, inventions, start-ups, and technological advances which originate in Israel. Why is Israel the Start-Up Nation? What are some of the novel ideas which originated in Israel and are, today, used worldwide?  (separate sessions available on hi-tech and scientific advancements, on agricultural technologies, and on ecological initiatives)

A Nation Apart or A Part of the Nation?


Ethiopian Aliyah and Integration The story of Ethiopian Jewry is one of Judaism’s most fascinating and moving accounts of the “Ingathering of the Nations.” Who are the Ethiopian Jews? What is their history? How did they immigrate, en masse, to Israel? How does their story continue to develop today?


Commemoration and Celebration – Yom Hashoa, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Haatzmaut


A look at the unique way in which the State of Israel commemorates the Holocaust, remembers it
fallen soldiers, and celebrates its independence. When put together they tell a fascinating story of destruction and rebirth.


Stones that Speak


Just under the surface throughout Israel lie artifacts with stories to tell about ancient history, that can enrich our current lives as well. Stones that Speak examines recent archaeological finds in Israel, such as the royal seal of King Hezekiah found in the City of David that enlighten us about the origins of Judaism.

Other Session Titles Include


Theater in Israel, Great Events in Modern Israeli History, The Effects of the Holocaust on Israeli Society, The New Hadassah Medical Center, Life in the Israeli Army, Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Neighborhoods in Jerusalem and much much more!


Cost: $150 for a 1-time session. Please contact JETS to find out about discounts for multi session orders

JETS educators will work with your  institution to adapt the session so that it meets the needs of your participants.

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