About JETS Israel

JETS Israel is the premier edtech professional learning company in Jewish education. We have trained over 1000 educators from more than 100 Jewish schools, in the US, Europe, Israel and Australia. Through our training, participants have gained the confidence and skills needed for using technology in the classroom, transforming the way they teach. Our model promotes user-friendly, up-to-date EdTech tools as well as how to use the technology to engage your student effectively. Our impact has reached thousands of classrooms and tens of thousands of students – worldwide.

In addition to professional learning, we offer a range of student experiences through online learning. We offer online classes to Hebrew Schools in the areas of Holocaust, Israel Education and Hebrew language. We promote Israel-Diaspora relations through our Shutafut program, which matches a school in Israel to a school in the Diaspora, allowing students from both schools to enjoy the opportunity to learn and share together in an online platform. As experts in using technology to teach, we design and create blended learning material which you can incorporate into your curriculum. Leading educational institutions have hired us to create custom-made curriculum of their programs.

JETS Israel is the leader in edtech for the Jewish classroom. Contact us to find out more!




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