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JETS Israel was founded by Smadar Goldstein and Rabbi Stan Peerless in 2009 to promote the development of online Jewish learning in Jewish educational institutions worldwide. JETS offers a wide range of online learning programs for school groups, individual students and adult education in the areas of Jewish studies, Israel Education and Hebrew language. JETS builds online curriculum and blended learning for Jewish topics.

In addition, JETS promotes Israel-Diaspora relations through its Shutafut program in which classes are twinned and students enjoy the opportunity to learn more about each other through shared learning, online. The JETS classes are accessible from anywhere in the world via interactive elearning and web-conferencing platforms. Many classes include additional participatory activities and follow-up materials – including online games, quizzes, project-based learning activities and more — using Learning Management System platforms.

JETS user-friendly, up-to-date edtech tools and technologies which combine with supportive didactic methodologies to give schools and their teachers access to interactive, highly engaging learning experiences.

JETS creates its own educational materials including innovative curriculum for synchronous, blended and asynchronous learning programs. JETS also creates learning materials for educational institutions. JETS is also a world leader in providing professional development for elearning in Jewish educational settings. JETS staff facilitates both online and face-to-face PD sessions to give teachers the tools and techniques that can help them expand individualized and collaborative learning in their classrooms.

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