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Personalized Consultation

JETS can deliver tailor made courses to fit your curricular requirements, professional development programs to meet the needs of your staff, and blended learning materials to support the classroom learning in your institution. Contact us to learn more.

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eBook: A Concise Guide for School Decision-Makers

JETS upcoming eBook, EdTech by Design, is a concise guide to help school decision-makers develop their school’s online learning program. Order now and get a discounted pre-production price.

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Remembering and Rebuilding

This course familiarizes middle school students in complementary schools with the two formative events in contemporary Jewish history – the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel, with a focus the relationship between remembering and rebuilding.

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict Series

This series presents a balanced overview of the Israeli-Arab conflict including its historical background, various sides in the debate over land for peace proposals, and unique attempts at rapprochement. A must for teens and adults.

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No Teacher Left Behind 2016

This course is designed to familiarize teachers with user-friendly online tools, skills, and methodologies that can empower them to utilize online tools to maximize and enrich student learning in their classrooms.
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Become a Member

Jets offers several membership options that give you complimentary JETS products, as well discounts on all of your JETS programming. Get significant savings as you propel your school’s online learning forward.

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Israel Experience Upgrade

Enrich you group’s Israel experience through pre-trip and follow-up distance learning sessions. Begin your experience before leaving home, get more out of it on the ground, and process your shared experience together with you co-travelers.
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Stones That Speak

Stones that Speak studies recent archaeological finds in Israel, such as the royal seal of King Hezekiah, that enlighten us about the origins of Judaism. This course is one of a wide variety of sessions that bring Israeli culture, history, and current events, to life for adults and seniors.
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