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Not to be Missed Opportunities

  • EdTech Fundamentals for the Jewish Classroom

    Free!    January 7th at 1:00pm EST An Overview of EdTech for the Jewish Classroom. Take your first step into the world of EdTech with this bi-annual free webinar.
  • No Teacher Left Behind

    8-session webinar:  Sundays Jan 21st - March 11th  2:00 - 3:15 PM EST This course is a must know for all Jewish educators looking to incorporate quality edtech into their Jewish curriculum and classroom.  
  • Assistive Technology for the Struggling Student

    On-Demand Discover the EdTech tools that can help you face the challenge of educating your students with special needs. Whether you teach in a special education class or mainstream, this 3 session on demand course will teach you the what and the how of using assistive technologies in your classroom.
  • Tablets to Tablets – Tanach

    On Demand Learn how to bridge ancient texts with modern edtech tools. In this 3-part on-demand series, you will learn the online tools and methodologies that can deepen the thinking and increase enjoyment in the learning of Tanach.

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EdTech Tools for 2018

For the new year, we have compiled a list of "EdTech Tools for 2018" that we feel are very effective in the Jewish classroom. From assessments to presentations, timelines to games, these tools can transform your curriculum. 1. Wizer    If you are looking for one...

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EdTech Travel: Bringing Israel into your Classroom

I’m pleased to announce a new series of posts that will appear periodically on this blog, exploring a concept that I call “Torat Ha’aretz” (the Torah of the Land).  As an Israel-based educator who is also a professional tour guide, I focus a lot on enhancing Jewish...

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Ji Tap – In the Game of Engaging Education

Are you teaching Jewish studies or Ivrit? Do you want positive and relevant learning experiences in your classroom for the coming year? Are you thinking about tomorrow's child? These are questions I would ask myself regularly. I taught for many years and observed time...

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Educational Technology for Special Needs: The Next Frontier

The rapid development of online tools and technologies has resulted in ongoing advancement in the field of special education. This a record of my odyssey on educational technology for special needs: SPED TECH… the next frontier. These are the stories of a courageous...

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